Stop searching. This in-depth ebook answers all of your questions!

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Modern Soft Pastel

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Modern Soft Pastel

Save valuable time and money by learning from my mistakes, experimentation, and money wasters.

In this straightforward book, I lay out everything I use, including my favorite supplies, tools, techniques, and go-to methods that helped me spark a passion for art and creating that I can’t wait to share with you.

Dear Friend,

You’re interested in soft pastel, but perhaps getting started feels overwhelming? 

Maybe you’ve watched a few painting videos or have seen posts on pinterest, tiktok or instagram. Discovering the possibilities of this medium is exciting, but you’re not sure where to start.

There are so many things to consider (and it feels daunting)! What kind of pastel, what brands, what are the differences? What is sanded paper? Is this drawing or painting? Should I get the expensive sticks? What colors and pigments do I start with? How do I keep the painting from smudging?

Let me remove the overwhelm and make space for the romance of soft pastel to capture your heart too…

I spent countless hours making mistakes, spending lots of time and money figuring out the answers to these questions.

So, I created the book I wish I had when I was starting!

I wrote it just for you to help keep the spark of excitement alive as you dive in.

I wrote it so you won’t get lost in the weeds, feel frustrated, waste time, or waste money.

Everything I’ve learned to get started plus the methods I’ve found to work best for me are presented inside the pages. Your preferences will emerge, of course, and my hope is that this will give you an excellent starting place to explore and develop - minus the overwhelm.

This guide holds the answers to all of my most frequently asked questions and sources are linked all throughout to make it even easier.

I don’t know what your pastel journey will look like, but whether you are an artist trying a new medium, someone searching for a new creative hobby, or a person with aspirations to sell your work, you’re in the right place.

I am cheering you on!


About the Author: Valerie McKeehan

Valerie is a mom, sentimentalist, flower gardener, internationally recognized artist, author, and teacher who has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Good Morning America, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, TLC, HGTV and many other outlets.

She discovered a passion for soft pastel landscapes during the global pandemic and has been escaping into her own little, peaceful worlds ever since.

What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn

  • Time-saving methods allowing you to get started faster
  • Money-saving advice
  • Basic techniques and terminology
  • Valerie's favorite pastel brands and their specific uses
  • All about pastel papers and figuring out what's best for you
  • How-tos for organization and how Valerie sets up her studio
  • Techniques for mark-making and strokes
  • Color and value explanations
  • Understanding underpaintings
  • Pastel saftey and handling
  • How to manage pastel dust
  • Storing and shipping your pastels (so they don't get ruined)
  • Dozen of tips, tricks and lessons learned
  • Valerie's methods for attaining confidence and success while trying something new
  • Direct links to all of Valerie's favorite brands, tools and supplies!
  • and much more...
50 pages of valuable insight and information just for fun or for the serious artist.

50 pages of valuable insight and information just for fun or for the serious artist.

Discovering the love of soft pastel has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling aspects of my life. I want to share this joy with you and help jumpstart your own artistic journey.

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